Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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The School of Chemical Sciences is one among the initial statutory departments of Mahatma Gandhi University (erstwhile Gandhiji University). The academic programmes of the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS) were initiated from the very inception of the university.

The School was initially known as Department of Polymer Chemistry, and it offered only one M.Sc. programme. SCS has now diversified and widened its academic activities realizing the significance of chemistry as the central science and the need for the development of all aspects of teaching and research in chemistry. At present the school offers four different M.Sc. programmes along with M.Phil, M.Tech and Ph.D. programmes covering all branches of chemistry and polymer science. The school, since it’s inception, has been making a steady progress in all spheres of activity and has academic programmes spread in four broad divisions namely Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry.

In spite of the nationwide diversions of talented students from basic sciences, more than 1000 students appear for our entrance tests to graduate programmes annually. Our M.Sc./M.Phil./M.Tech. programmes provide a unique opportunity for the students to take up research projects in any International/National Laboratories of their choice as part of their final semester(s) course. While designing and revising the curricula, guidelines of the UGC and AICTE are meticulously followed. The student has the option to select the elective.


  • Quality education in chemical sciences for the creation of a vibrant and inclusive society.


  • Generation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge in the frontier areas of chemical science.
  •  Equip the students to build up a scientific career and contribute towards the national development.
  • Foster collaboration with leading research institutions in knowledge production. Inculcate among students human values with global competence
  • Inculcate among students human values with global competence
Prof. Dr. Anitha C Kumar