Members of Faculty

Dr. K.S. Devaky

Professor & Head

Tel: 9496720967


Areas Of Research: Solid phase synthesis of bioactive peptides, Polymer supported reagents and catalysts, Immobiliz edenzymes, Solid phase synthesis of  substituted heterocycles, Biological and corrosion studies of heterocyclic compounds, Controlled drug delivery using immobilized enzymes Read more…

Dr. Beena Mathew



Fax: +91- 481 – 2731036


Areas Of Research: Self-assembled supramolecular materials, Green chemistry, Molecular sensors, Targeted drug delivery, Solid-phase peptide synthesis Read more…

Dr. Suresh Mathew


Tel: 9447287247, 0481-2792391(R)


Areas Of Research: Nanomaterials, Composite Solid Propellants, Advanced Oxidizers, Solid State Kinetics, Thermal Analysis of Solids, Open framework solids and Crystal Engineering, Biomaterials Read more…

Dr. G. Anilkumar


Tel : 9496722065


Areas Of Research: Transition metal catalysis, Heterocycle synthesis, Organic synthesis, Synthetic methodology, Phytochemistry, Hydrogen generation by water splitting, Green chemistry Read more…

Dr. Raju Francis


Tel :9447464860, 91-9447464860

Areas Of Research: Synthetic and Biopolymers, Hybrid Materials, Environmental Chemistry, Photochemistry, Computational Chemistry Read more…

Dr. Pius Kuruvilla

Associate Professor

Tel: 9495446678

Areas Of Research: Theoretical Organic Chemistry-Study of strained molecules, reactive intermediates and of anti-vant Hoff geometries using quantum mechanical and force field methods. Collaborating Institutions: NCL, Pune Read more…

Dr. S. Anas

Assistant Professor

Tel: 9567544740

Areas Of Research: Transition metal catalyzed C(sp3)-H activation reactions in organic synthesis, Design, synthesis and studies of functionalized polymers Read more…

Smt.Chithra Mohan

Assistant Professor