Interdisciplinary special lecture programmes, seminars and workshops are being regularly conducted at School of Chemical Sciences under various chairs and heads.  These include Jawaharlal Nehru Chair, Linus Pauling Memorial lecture and Decennium Commemoration Lectures.  Several national conferences, workshops and discussions meeting are also being frequently held at School of Chemical Sciences.

The research work carried out by the School has received national and international recognition.  It is gratifying to note that more than 30 research scholars have won state and national awards on their research performance and presentations.

Workshops/Symposia conducted by the School 2000-2010)

  •  Discussion meeting in Theoretical Chemistry
  •   Seminar on Low Cost Instrumentation
  •   Workshop on Cost-Effective Instrumentation

Workshops/Symposia conducted by the School

  •     3 National and 6 International conference were organized by the School during the Xth plan period.
  •     Recent Advances in Chemical Science, 2002
  •     International Conference on advances in Blends and Composites, 2002
  •     International Conference on Blends and Composites, 2005
  •     International Seminar or Organic Chemistry 2006
  •     International Seminar on Radiation and Photochemistry, 2007
  •     International Conference on Advanced Materials, 2008
  •     Resource generation camp for innovative teaching and research, January 2006
  •     Sixth national convention or Chemistry teachers, 2006
  •     Program Advisory Committee meeting of organic chemistry, 2008